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When Do You Use a Muzzle Brake?

According to statistics, 43% of the American population owned guns in the previous year. If you’re one of the many Americans who owns a firearm, you probably know a thing or two about firearm accessories and customization.

If you own a rifle, you would know that apart from scopes, sights, stock replacements, and handguards, muzzle brake are among the accessories you might consider investing in.

What exactly is a Muzzle Brake

Muzzle brake also go by the name recoil compensator and to make matters simple, that is exactly what they are. Though the untrained individual might confuse a muzzle brake with a silencer, the two are actually quite different and are sometimes used in combination.

Image showing muzzle brake

What a muzzle brake does is reduce the kickback or recoil when you fire your rifle. This helps with stability and hence with accuracy when aiming. By reducing the degree of back force and how much the muzzle jerks when a shot is fired, a muzzle brake helps shooters make their mark and allows for continuous firing with reduced strain on the body.

Some of you may still be wondering when you should use a muzzle brake which is what we’re going to elaborate on.

An Essential Accessory across the Board

Though you can use a muzzle brake for added stability and comfort pretty much anytime you want, the same is most recommended in two situations.

The first is a situation where you’re required to shoot multiple shots one after the other. In such a situation, the muzzle brake reduces the force on your shoulder allowing you to fire for a longer period of time.

The other situation where use of a muzzle brake is highly recommended is if you’re shooting a rifle that is on the larger side, or if you’re shooting rounds of a higher caliber. Again, larger rifles and high caliber bullets produce recoil that is proportionate to the force with which the round exits the muzzle. Muzzle brakes are extremely necessary in such situations as the human body can only take so much!

Apart from these two situations, muzzle brakes are also extremely useful across the board if you require more stability while shooting. If you feel your longer range targets are off the mark due to the muzzle jerk during recoil, investing in a muzzle brake might help iron things out.

Winding Down

As we said earlier, a muzzle brake is a useful accessory and in certain instances is nothing short of essential. If you own a semi-automatic or any other kind of rifle but do not have a muzzle brake, it makes sense to check out your options and invest in one.

If you want to buy a muzzle brake we’ve got a variety of options you can choose from. We also offer other rifle accessories, so feel free to check out some quality gear and get right to it!

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