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How to Mount a Scope on a Rifle

If you’re an American gun owner who is into rifle shooting, specifically with the AR-15 or even an AR-10, long range shooting might be something that interests you. If this is so, you probably need to scope mount for your rifle.

Image showing Scope mount

Rifle scopes have evolved considerably from what they used to be, however, the basic mechanism is the same across the board. Your scope magnifies far away targets helping you make your mark.

The Importance of Correct Mounting

If you think about it, how you scope mount is extremely important. Incorrect mounting or misalignment will result in you missing your target. We’re going to elaborate on how to mount a scope correctly on an AR-15.


Before you proceed to mount your scope you want to make sure you follow all safety protocols. Remove the magazine from your rifle, check to make sure the chamber is empty and eject the bullet if it isn’t. You will also need a bubble leveler and a shooting rest. Place and secure your rifle on the shooting rest and level it using your bubble leveler.

Adding the Mount

The next thing you want to do is to connect your scope mount to your rifle. The mount must be connected to your upper receiver. Do not let the mount connect with both your receiver and your guard or free-float rail. This exerts needless and sometimes damaging pressure on your rifle tube. Start by putting the screws in place using just your fingers.

To finish the job, use a torque wrench. Just be sure to read the mounting instructions that come with your scope before you do this. Different scopes have varying specific recommended torque measures which you should not exceed.

Attaching your Scope Mount

Image showing Red dot scope

Once your mount is in place, it is time to attach your scope to it. Place your scope over the mount and ensure that the scope rings are resting right. Place the upper part of your scope rings over the scope and begin to tighten the turning the screws in. Do this carefully making sure that the gaps on either side of your scope rings is the same. Do not turn the screws in just yet as you will need to make some adjustments.

Once you’re done, you should be able to adjust your scope just enough to align it properly and find an eye relief position that suits you.

Final Adjustments

Use your bubble leveler to make sure your rifle is completely leveled by placing the leveler on the flatter portion of your rifle’s tube. Align your reticle vertically as well as horizontally. You can do this by aligning it with a window or door frame that has been placed and leveled to precision.

Once your reticule is aligned, use the bubble-leveler to ensure that your scope is also correctly aligned.  

Finishing Up

Once everything is in order, you can proceed to really lock those scope rings in by tightening them. All you need to do now is sight in your rifle with your new scope and you’re good to go!

If you’re still looking for scopes or are considering other rifle optics such as red dot sight, we’ve got some quality optics you can purchase online.

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