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The Full Potential of Using a Red Dot Sight

Among the various scopes and sights shooters use, none match the effectiveness of red dot sights. Red dot sights are a type of “reflexive” gun sight, which projects a red dot to mark the location of a target and assist with aiming. With no refocusing delays and minimal weights, the red dot sight can significantly improve your accuracy at the ranges or on a hunt.

How to Red Dot Sights Work?

A red dot sight comprises of a small red LED laser and a lens capable of reflecting light back into your eye. As you turn on a red dot sight and place it on your target, the laser pointer would mark out where the bullet will land on target. The small red pointer will be reflected off the lens, back into your eye, rather than landing on the target itself.

The red dot sight is used by experienced and novice shooters alike for all sorts of shooting occasions, including but not restricted to hunting. According to experienced hunters, the red dot sight is faster, doesn’t need to refocus and offers multiple advantages, which account for its preferred status among sport shooters and hunters.

Image showing Red dot sight

No Alignment Problems

Iron sights and telescopic sights require hunters to align their eyes with the scope and the target for accuracy. Although telescopic sights are easier to aim with compared to iron sights, both of these require a lot of practice before you can perfect the alignment. If it comes to quick shooting, aiming perfectly with a telescopic or iron sight can be a struggle.

Red dot sights make it easier to align the scope with the target. With a red dot sight you can tell exactly where the bullet will land and you only need to place the dot in the right place for perfect aiming. You can’t aim as easily with telescopic or iron sights compared to red dot sights because there is no way to tell where the bullet would land.

Eliminating Visibility Problems

Due to their typically black color, iron sights are difficult to see in bad light conditions. If you’re aiming with iron sights in the evenings or at night, you’ll be hard pressed to align your sight with the target.  Red dot sights, on the other hand, will still tell you where the bullet lands because the LED dot will manage the alignment and will be easier to see.

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