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An Introduction to Iron Sights

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Iron sights come attached as a default aiming mechanism for most guns. Aiming with iron sights is undoubtedly one of the most difficult aiming methods and only the most skilled use these for hunting or for sport shooting. Using iron sights to aim requires technical expertise which takes months to develop. With the introduction of telescopic or reflexive sights, people have shied away from using iron sights because it takes too long to perfect aiming with them.

Just because iron sights aren’t a preferred aiming tool for shooters doesn’t mean that these don’t have value. The rudimentary aiming principles used by iron sights are reminiscent of hunters of old times who didn’t have high-tech hunting equipment to assist them. Additionally, shooters who can aim with an iron sight are often far more skilled than those who shoot using other scopes or sights.

The Technicalities of The Iron Sights

Shot accuracy relies on correctly aligning the gun with the target. You have to shoot in a straight line to hit your target and even the slightest misalignment will send your shot awry. Iron sights involve two different aiming mechanisms; the front and the rear sight.  Your eye must be aligned with the front sight and your target, which is then used to align the rear sight with all three. Once you’ve aligned each of these points; the target, the front and rear sights, and your eye, that’s when you can hit the target.

Image showing Holographic sight

Clearly, shooting with iron sights isn’t a simple process. If you need to let off shots in quick succession, iron sights can make it pretty difficult. Perfecting the iron sight requires commitment and patience to reflexively achieve the alignment required for a perfect hit.

Why Should You Use the Iron Sight?

Proper alignment is a necessary requirement for accuracy using all other sights. Telescopic sights or holographic sights both require shooters to align their eyes with the scope and the target for accuracy. Although it’s easier to achieve proper alignment with telescopic or holographic sights, you won’t be as skilled a shooter because you won’t be as great a shot with iron sights.

Experts suggest that novice shooters should start off with iron sights to develop the skill required to use any other kind of sights. As you develop comfort and accuracy with the iron sight, you will be able to use any other sight with equally as much ease.  

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