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The Dynamics of Improving Accessibility With a Shotgun Shell Holder

Although a shotgun is a very powerful weapon, it comes with its own set of disadvantages. The reloading mechanism for most types of shotguns is painstaking and tedious, unless these are high capacity shotguns. As a shooter, you can hardly carry around a pack of shotgun shells around because reloading will be very time-consuming. If you need to get multiple shots off in small time-spans, the delays of reloading a shotgun can be very taxing.  

The inconvenience associated with reloading a shotgun can be easily mitigated with a shotgun shell holder. These shell holders are designed to make shotgun shells accessible to the shooter and reduce the duration associated with reloading the weapon. As such, you should invest in a shotgun shell holder to improve your shotgun shooting experiences.

Shotgun Shell Holder Design

 Image showing Picatinny Rail

A shell holder is basically an attachment that fixes to the shotgun. You attach the holder near your end of the gun barrel and place the spare shells into it. Many people assume that the shell holder would get in the way when you’re trying to aim, but these are conveniently placed on the side of barrel to give a clear view.

The shell holder can accommodate up to 10 spare shotgun shells, in addition to the ones that you’ve already loaded into the weapon. These are made of lightweight aluminum to maintain appropriate weapon weight distribution. Attaching a shotgun shell holder to your weapon allows you to fire equally as well as when one isn’t attached.

How Does a Shell Holder Increase Accessibility?

The shotgun shell holder is a side-carry attachment that can be switched to either side of the shotgun. When you run out of ammo, you can just reach up to it and reload the shotgun with ease. Considering the low firing capacity of most shotgun models, especially break action shotguns, you can remove shells and reload them with considerable ease.

Since the shell holder is attached right after the barrel, it doesn’t move with the barrel. As the barrel is opened in front of you, you simply pull out the shells and load them into the gun. Instead of carrying around spare boxes of shotgun rounds, you can simply take them out of the shell holder and reload the gun in less than half the time.

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