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Everything You Need to Know about Weapon Upgrades

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Guns are one of the most deadly machines invented by man. They can easily maim or fatally wound the largest of animals with minimal effort. Despite the power of firearms, there are shortcomings in these weapons which compromise their efficacy. Negligence, weapon instability and aiming issues often get in the way of a successful hunt or a satisfying session at the gun range.

To overcome any limitations inherent in a weapon or in your skill as a shooter, you should modify your weapons. Additionally, you should also collect tools that will help you maintain and improve your weapon’s performance. Gun maintenance and weapons upgrades are essential for consistently enjoyable shooting experiences.

Some upgrades you should consider include:

Scopes and Sights

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Scopes and sights enhance your accuracy by making the aiming process easier. Most weapons come with built-in iron sights which require years of practice to master. You should install a red dot sight or rifle scopes to your weapon to help you aim faster and improve your accuracy. These enhancements will make your weapon much more effective and deadly.

Try Out Muzzle Brakes or Compensators

Muzzle brakes and compensators reduce gun recoil. Both muzzle brakes and compensators divert the flow of gas in the gun to reduce internal gun pressure and the resulting recoil.  Although muzzle brakes and compensators fulfill the same purpose, both use different modes of action. If you’re looking to improve gun stability, you should invest in either muzzle brakes or compensators.


Stippling is basically a row of ridges people make on the side of their weapons for a firm grip. You can make these with a soldering iron or ask a professional gunsmith to do it for you. The ridges will make the weapon stable in your hands and will reduce the risk of dropping the gun while cleaning or while you fire it.


Foregrips are attached to the barrel to help keep the weapon straight as you fire it. If you’re not using a handguard, foregrips can also reduce the risk of burning your hands. The extended grip at the end of the barrel reduces recoil and significantly improves accuracy for automatic weapons which fire repeated shots.

Image showing Vertical foregrip

Dismantling Equipment

You should dismantle, polish and reassemble your weapon to keep the firing mechanism in good condition. Consider investing in wrenches, spare nuts, bolts and polish to thoroughly clean out your weapons to ensure that these don’t malfunction.

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