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Why You Should Try a Free Float Handguard

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Handguards are a nifty shooting aid which can save you from burning yourself from hot gun barrels. Even though the shooting mechanism is easy enough, bullets leave the gun with very high pressures and gunpowder ignition can significantly raise barrel temperatures. Although this isn’t a common problem hunting rifles which cool down between shots, automatic firearms do present serious injury risks.

To reduce the risk of burns, handguards act as barriers between the hot barrel and your hand. Free-float handguards are a special subcategory of handguards which leave the gun barrel suspended between the handguard. This presents some unique advantages that all shooters can capitalize on for a better shooting experience.

Better Stability

Drop-in handguards are simple pieces of polymer attached to the gun barrel. Although equally as effective at hand protection as free-float handguards, these move along with gun recoil. A free-floating handguard acts as a way to hold the gun barrel in place to make the gun much more stable. Think of the free-floating handguard as a stand that you can hold to make sure that the gun doesn’t move around a lot. The greater control provided by the free-float handguard allows for greater accuracy from your weapons.  

If you’re looking for greater stability, the 07" Shark Series Ultra Light Keymod Free Float Handguard is what you need.

Accommodates Longer M Lok Rails

Handguards and rails go hand in hand. Free-float handguards are sometimes built with accessory accommodating capabilities, but these can also accommodate longer rails. Drop-in handguards are only as long as the gun barrel but free-float handguards can go beyond the barrel. The longer free-float handguards will accommodate longer accessory rails, which allow you to put up more accessories on the gun.

The 15" Slim M-Lok Free Float handguard  is an example of how handguards can accommodate longer rails.

Better Barrel Protection

Drop-in handguards don’t protect the barrel of the gun if the gun is ever dropped or propped against the surface. Even though guns are made of metal, gun barrels are the most sensitive parts of firearms. Even the slightest impact or damage to the barrel will bend it and your aim won’t be the same ever again.

Since the free-float handguard doesn’t touch the barrel, it can act as a shield against any impact. Most free-float handguards are made of strong enough materials to withstand impact and absorb the shock. As such, free float handguards offer better barrel protection than drop-in handguards.

Compared to other types of handguards, the free-float handguard keeps your guns safe, improves accuracy and allows you greater customizability. With these benefits you can enjoy a better shooting experience.

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