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Muzzle Brakes for Hunting Rifles: Yay or Nay?

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Muzzle brake for rifles were introduced before World War II but when it comes to sporting rifles, their use has been limited.

Recently, more and more owners with sporting rifles have been giving muzzle brakes a try. Custom gun makers who build their rifles are installing muzzle brakes on their firearms to improve their shooting experience.

Muzzle brakes are almost always associated with large firearms but then can be attached to all kinds of guns.

Before deciding whether or not you need a muzzle brake, you must first understand how they work.

What Are Muzzle Brakes For?

Image showing muzzle brake

We know from Newton that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This applies to shooting a gun too.

The primer in the gun ignites the gunpowder once the firing pin compresses. An explosion takes place, the gases expand the bullet is pushed from the barrel. The explosion also causes a reaction in the other direction called recoil.

When a large firearm is fired, it causes recoil which can cause injury and disturb aim too. Muzzle brakes were created to soften the kickback from the gun.

Other than reducing kickback from firearms, muzzle brakes also decrease the amount of smoke discharge generated from a gun after it is fired, which often prevents shooters from seeing their target after they’ve taken a shot.

Hunter needs to be able to see their target after they’ve taken a shot which is why it helps to take a muzzle brake that reduces smoke discharge.

Brakes are 5cm tubes that can easily be screwed on to the muzzle. Sometimes guns have inbuilt muzzle brakes which can be detached when it suits the shooter.

How does a Muzzle Brake Help With Hunting?

Muzzle brakes can reduce recoil by 50%, which is perfect for someone with a bad shoulder or another physical injury caused by recoil. Rifles are pretty heavy weapons; many of them won’t be practical without a muzzle brake.

Muzzle brakes can also improve the hunting experience by making it more comfortable for the hunter. They are a lot more than just a fancy add-on that makes your firearm look cool; they serve a purpose.

If you want to become a better hunter, get your firearm a muzzle brake today.

Mentium USA sells and reviews muzzle brakes for a variety of rifle models. Check them out on our website and be sure to read our reviews before you make a purchase.

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