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Some Fast & Accurate Red Dot Sight Techniques

If you’re planning on switching to red dot sights from traditional rifle magnification optics or iron sights, one of the things you should know about the slight variation is how you aim. There are three types of red dot sights; however we will specifically address aiming techniques for the use of two types over the course of this blog. These are prism or tube style red dot sights and reflex or open style red dot sights.

Know Your Basics

Image showing red dot scope

Whether you’re aiming with red dot sights or any other kind of rifle optics, you need to be clear on your rifle aiming basics. These include steadying your fire arm (both from the rear as well as from the front end), taking the correct stance and bracing for recoil among other things.

If you’ve got a handle on aiming with scopes or iron sights, the shift to red dots should be fairly hassle free.

Aiming with Prism Style Red Dot Sights

If you’re aiming using a prism style red dot sight, the technique is quite similar to that using conventional magnification scopes. The difference however is additional eye relief (though unlike with reflex sights, this is still limited).

Even when looking through your red dot scope, you needn’t close one eye like you would with a regular magnification scope. You can shoot with both eyes open with one eye looking through your scope and the non-dominant eye on your target.  

Once you’ve found your mark, re-steady your rifle and shoot!

Aiming with Reflex Style Red Dot Sights

Image showing Red dot sight

If you’re using reflex style red dot sights, you have unlimited eye relief and close to zero parallax error for approximately one hundred yards.

When shooting with a reflex red dot sight, you need to bring your rifle up to your face or cheek-bone. Look into the lens/aiming screen with both eyes open. If your dot is in line with the markings on your reticle, steady yourself and take your shot.

Knowing What Your Red Dots Are For

Remember, the biggest advantages of using red dot sights are the close to negligent parallax error and the added or unlimited eye relief. What this helps with most is accuracy while pursuing moving or in situations where rapid fire is a need.

Red dots are dead on target till up to a hundred yards however if you’re looking to shoot longer range, don’t forget to adjust the brightness and diameter (if possible) of your aiming point. Also remember you will need to take a minute to realign yourself when shooting targets at greater distances if you’re looking for accuracy even while using a red dot.

Using the Right Gear

If you’re clear on the points above, the only thing left for you to do is to equip yourself with the right red dot sighting options. Our online rifle accessories store stocks all kinds of optics as well as other essential rifle accessories so feel free to swing back and check out what we’ve got!

Happy shooting folks!  

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