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A Guide to Proper Shooting Range Etiquette

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Apart from being a form of defense and a skill needed for hunt, many shooters do so as a hobby or for sport. If you’re the latter, one of the things you probably do is hit the range every now and then to work on your aim, accuracy and handling.

What Makes Proper Range Etiquette Important?

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Range etiquette and knowing what is what is not about looking like a pro on when on the range. It’s about keeping yourself as well as those around you safe. Without the need for Holographic sight. We’re going to bash out some of the most important range etiquette pointers for those of you who may be new to firearms or range shooting.


Carelessness when it comes to firearms is something that any seasoned user will frown upon. Even if you are shooting on the range, you’re still using a weapon!

All firearm owners need to know about basic gun safety rules and protocols. Gun safety protocols may include:

  1. Locking your weapon when you’re not using it.
  2. Emptying the chamber before putting your firearm down.
  3. Pointing your firearm in a safe direction.
  4. Making your finger away from the trigger if you’re not aiming at a target.
  5. Using the prescribed or appropriate ammunition.
  6. Checking around and behind your target before you fire.
  7. Wearing the safety gear needed (ear and eye protection)


Range Lingo/Terms and Terminology

The two primary range terms that are most relevant include ‘cease fire’ which is the instruction or directive to stop firing and “commence fire” which is a go signal indicating the range is clear.

It is extremely important to be attentive to what the range master is saying as failing to follow these commands might put someone at risk of injury. This is particularly so for the cease fire command. Make sure that you stop shooting the minute you hear the range master call out for a cease fire.  

Failing to do so will likely result in you being banned from the range!

Range Rules

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Finally, you want to make sure that you are crystal clear on the rules and requirements of the range you’re looking to shoot at. Like any other public space or setup, a firing range has rules meant to keep things running smooth. Further, rules may vary depending on the range you’re shooting at so just because you know what the rules are at one range does not mean you know the rules for another.

The first thing you do when signing on to shoot at a new range is to connect with the administration or range master and ask for a rundown on the regulations in place. Some common examples include:

  • No pets
  • No Kids
  • Target restrictions
  • Restrictions on certain firearms
  • Restrictions on certain rounds or bullets

Regardless of what the range rules are, follow each one. Again, failing to do so might result in you being removed from the range and banned.

In Conclusion

If you’re clear with regard to the points elaborated on in this blog you’ll be alright! Just be polite to others on the range, follow the rules, and be responsible with your firearm. If all goes well, you could be a range regular before you know it!

If you are planning on heading to the range, you might want to equip your rifle first! If you’re the owner of an AR-15 or AR-10, we’ve got some quality rifle accessories including scope mount, red dot sights, muzzle brakes, bipods and handguards among others! If you’ve got more questions, feel free to connect with us.

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