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The Best Rifle Accessories for Your AR-15

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The world of AR is evolving at a rapid pace, and new innovative rifle accessories are popping up all the time. When the original manufacturers of the AR-15, Colt, lost their expiration, a wide array of rifle manufacturers pounced and created their own variations of the legendary AR-15 rifle. This gave way to the massive AR-15 industry that we see today.

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In the instance of 80 lowers, the AR world’s diversity has risen dramatically. As the AR-15 is so customizable, and so many accessories are available on the market, nearly every AR-15 you come across is unique in some ways. Mentium USA has enabled thousands of shooters to create the AR-15 of their dreams.

However, only high-quality accessories can enhance the functionality of an AR-15, and we at Mentium USA put special emphasis on quality. From sights and optics, to handguards, to foregrips, to muzzle brakes – we offer a wide range of high-quality AR-15 accessories. Here are some great AR-15 accessories.


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The handgrip on your AR is crucial to the accuracy of every shot you take. Therefore, it’s essential that you choose what fits right, is comfortable and suits your posture perfectly.

 Front grips also play a huge role in stabilizing your aim and reducing recoil. While finding the right handgrip might take a bit of research, it’s something that’ll definitely add to the performance and functionality of your AR.


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Replacing their rifle’s standard iron sights with advanced aftermarket optics is the first upgrade many shooters make to their AR-15s. You also have a lot of options available when it comes to AR-15 sights and optics. You can opt for moderate to high magnification scopes, red dot sight, holographic sites and a lot more. At Mentium USA, we even offer scope holographic sight combos. The sight accessory you go for depends upon the requirements of your shooting activities.

Moreover, it’s also advisable to have back-up iron sights. You see, with high-tech optics and scopes, there’s a chance of malfunctions or the batteries running out. In such situations, fixed or foldable rifle sights can be highly useful.

Muzzle Devices

Muzzle devices such as compensators and brakes are highly popular in the shooting community for a variety of reasons. Fitting a high-quality muzzle brake to your rifle’s rig can significantly reduce recoil and improve= overall comfort and accuracy.

Mentium USA is the ultimate one-stop for premium-quality AR-15 rifle accessories. From scope holographic sight combos to handguards – they offer everything at great prices! Check out Mentium usa reviews and catalogue of rifle accessories here or get in touch with them for further information.

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