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Vertical Foregrips: What are they Used For?

AR foregrips have been extremely popular, though at the time, this was more about them being tactticool as opposed to tactical. Though vertical foregrips were all the rage not too long ago, trends shift and some automatic rifle (AR) users would rather do without the extra weight. For this reason, they tend to keep the amount of gear they attach to their AR rails down to the bare essentials.

At the same time, many seasoned firearm enthusiasts, shooters, markspersons and AR owners do make sure a vertical foregrip is part of their kit of accessories as they can be pretty useful.   

How Are Vertical Foregrips Useful?

Image showing vertical foregrip

For convenience, we’re going to refer to vertical foregrips as VFGs for short. Like any other rifle or AR-15 accessory, the VFG was designed out of the need for stability and control. This was at a time when service personnel as well as other gun owners using the AR-15 began attaching a whole lot of tactical equipment on their rails.

This included scopes, flashlights, laser sights etc. Apart from this, making the muzzle portion of the gun heavy, this left little room for shooters to get a decent grip on their rifles. It was due to this predicament that the VFG was designed and put into use. The VFG is still an extremely useful accessory to have and here is why.

Ergonomics and Gripping Options

VFGs are brilliant for shooting situations where tactical handling is needed. You could be shooting on the go or tracking a moving target. In both instances your VFG offers added support and stability. Further, the VFG also gives you a little more maneuverability by way of finding a rifle gripping position that really works for you.

Reducing Strain While Carrying

Image showing Holographic sight

There are certain situations where you could be tracking an animal or using your weapon in a combat situation and need to be rifle ready. In such instances the done thing is to carry your rifle with both hands, one under the muzzle area/grip and the other around where the trigger is.

With a VFG, you reduce a lot of strain on your gripping (non-trigger) arm. This is because as opposed to having to twist it around, you can hold your rifle right using the VFG while keeping your elbow, forearm and wrist in a comfortable position. This way you can steady your aim and shoot as soon as you sight your target.

Barrier Support

If you’re using a barrier stop as opposed to what you call a hand stop, foregrips can be extremely useful. By pushing them against the barrier you can achieve added stability and support for rapid fire. This is often useful during sport shooting and target practice.

Offhand Elevation

If you’re shooting offhand, you can even use your VFG to provide the kind of muzzle elevation you’re looking for by resting the same on the palm of your hand. This way, you get the elevation you need without the added effort of having to put your head and neck in an uncomfortable position.

Winding Down

Hopefully this blog will have helped you understand that a foregrip is not just some overrated accessory. It’s an essential piece of equipment! If you’re looking to stock that AR-15 with a foregrip or any other accessory such as scopes, sights, muzzle brake and rail guards, we’ve got some brilliant rifle accessories available online. Check out our quality foregrips as well as other accessories available in our online store!    

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