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Unlocking the Ultimate Shooting Experience with a KeyMod Rail

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When it comes to some of the most recent accessories for rifles or AR-15s, the KeyMod rail surely takes the cake. This is a rail system, standardized and modular, with easily detachable and removable accessories and rails. When you need to attach them, you can do so easily using the attachment points that have been provided.

It’s a flexible, easy and greatly effective rifle accessory—but that’s not what makes it so great. It’s the shooting experience that comes with it that makes it so formidable and revered among the shooting community.

Rifles are great on their own—but with KeyMod rails on your side, you’re boosting its majesty by leaps and bounds!

Slimmer, Easier to Use

When used on an AR-15, you’ll be installing the KeyMod handguard/rail on the front end. The installation is the same as that of a more conventional quad rail that floats freely. However, the KeyMod has slot holes that run throughout the edifice. Its design is therefore more ergonomic, and it’s a far more efficient tool to use. The design also makes the KeyMod much slimmer, and fairly lighter in weight. Altogether, the rail proves to be much easier in terms of use.

It’s a Supportive System

What we mean to say is that the KeyMod supports all attachments. Installing accessories, too, becomes far easier with the KeyMod over your rifle. Famous for its modular design and famous among shooters for its ease of use, KeyMods are all the rage for a reason. Additionally, manufacturers that provide accessories don’t really have to pay royalties to manufacture accessories for this all-supportive rail system. This not only makes the KeyMod a winner with manufacturers, but also makes possible the choice of multiple accessories.

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Great for Beginners, Too!

Most of you aren’t professional shooters, nor will be taking the rifle along in a war zone. You won’t need something as high grade as, let’s say, the M-LOK. You won’t be going on a mounting-remounting spree, and can thus make do with the KeyMod. With the KeyMod, even if the rifle is dropped at the shooting range, you can easily and quickly reattach all the accessories again: it’s that easy and flexible! If you’re an AR-15 user, you’ll find that the KeyMod will go a great way in helping you hone your shooting skills.

Looking for Handguards?

Whether you want the flexible, all-purpose KeyMod or the made-for-pros Free Float M Lok, you’ll find what you want at Mentium USA’s online store. A Houston-based sport production company, Mentium USA has earned some great reviews online and continues to provide top tier rifle accessories to eager customers all through the country.

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