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Hunting Essentials—A Novice’s Buying List

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Hunting for the first time is equally as exciting as it’s scary. Handling a firearm is risky business, being even a little careless can often lead to accidents. In fact, nearly 123,000 people are injured in hunting accidents because of negligence. For the aforementioned reasons, beginners should take all necessary steps to protect themselves and others, without ruining the hunting experience.

Before you can hunt you’ll need the right equipment. As such, we’ve created a list of essential hunting equipment to make your first hunting experience convenient, safe and fun. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can change up your essentials to suit your needs.

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1. Warm Clothing

The hunting season starts during mid-fall and extends well into the winters. It won’t do to get the flu in the middle of your hunting trip and you should be prepared for the changing weather. To avoid falling sick you should keep gloves, a jacket, leg warmers and any other piece of warm clothing you think you’ll need to stay toasty throughout your trip.

2. Safety Gear

Safety gear includes vision aids, ear protectors and personal safety equipment, which will reduce the risks associated with hunting. Sometimes the noise from the gun’s discharge damages the ears and the glare from the sun can ruin your aim. Pack ear protectors and sunglasses to avoid either of the problems.

3. First Aid

Hunting accidents are common and so are injuries from the environment. You can get cut, bruised or even fractures in extreme situations. Hunting, like all sports, comes with its fair share of health risks. Prepare for any injuries by packing bandages, disinfectants and OTC painkillers to administer first aid if the need arises.

4. Supplies

Pack extra water bottles and food that can sustain you during the trip. Hunting can be strenuous and it can take a toll as the days go by. Dehydration or low blood sugar might not be fatal, but can be rather uncomfortable when you’re far from healthcare facilities.

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You should also pack flashlights, extra batteries, toilet paper and a GPS so you don’t get lost. These supplies are a must for beginners and experienced hunters alike.

5. Bait and Game Calls

The hunt is all about patience; if you wait long enough, you’ll definitely see something. Sometimes patience doesn’t cut it through and you should have bait or game calls to bring the animals to you. Find a spot frequented by your prey and use game calls to bag at least one kill.

6. Guns, Ammo and Accessories

Once everything’s ready, we move on to the fun stuff. Clean out your gun thoroughly and make sure it’s firing properly before heading out. Check if you have enough ammo to last you through the hunt. Many hunters also add handguards to reduce firing recoil and sights to help them aim better. With a well-maintained gun and the right accessories, you’ll find that you’re particularly good at hunting.

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