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Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Iron Sights as a Novice Shooter

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For many novice shooters the general understanding is that iron sights are something only pros need to worry about. What does an amateur or someone who’s just beginning to learn to shoot have to do with an iron sight?

A lot.

Getting the Basics Right: Iron Grips and Iron Sights

When you begin practicing with an iron sight, you’re introduced more readily and directly to the intricacies and fundamentals of shooting. You’re unable to aim properly if you’re not using the firearm correctly with an iron sight—you’re thus forced to hold the firearm right each time.

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Since you are forced to practice and aim like a professional from the get-go, you inch as close to perfection as a shooter can. Additionally, you’re building muscle memory, which will go a long way in helping you as a shooter.

When you’re using iron sights, you aren’t just focusing on a single thing (as you do with scopes). Instead, you’re focusing on 3 different but equally important components of shooting: the front and rear sights, and of course, the target. It’s a tool that’s built to inculcate precision, perfection, and propriety in any shooter.

You build—quite literally—iron sight and iron grips.

You Get a Full View

We did promise you an iron sight—whereas scopes can make it easier for you to zoom in on your target, iron sights give you a great view. You see the target clearly, and much more—such that if it moves or sprints, you’ll have the agency to bring it down mid-flight. You’ll also be safer off using iron sights since you’ll know the setting extensively.


 Iron sights come with your firearm at the time of purchase, which means that you don’t have to mount them on later on nor spend extra money on them. They’re lightweight and thus make the entire shooting practice easier. The heavier a rifle gets, the tougher it is to use. With an appendage as lightweight as an iron sight, you’ll have more chances of using your rifle to the fullest of its potential.


Perhaps the best thing about iron sights is their iron-like strength. They are durable and long-lasting, and can’t be broken very easily. There’s no power source required, so you don’t really have to worry about anything but the target.

Looking for Iron Sights?

Houston based Mentium USA (you can check out the reviews by Mentium USA’s customers here and the full product range here) provides quality USA-made iron sights and other rifle accessories. They’re great for people who want to switch from optic to iron sights, and for people who’re only beginning to practice shooting!

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