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Mounting a Scope in 7 Easy Steps

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Anyone who thinks that handling and using a rifle is easy has obviously never tried Scope mount the same. One of the most commonly known parts of being a rifle shooter, mounting is also one of the most difficult tasks you could undertake. It might look easy and sound simple enough, but trust us—and ask any rifleman you can find—it’s not.

Is a Good Quality Scope Mount Enough?

While it’s important to have a good quality scope, you’ll also need a lot of skill and practice to get this right. Little things such as incorrect fitting can bring the whole edifice down, imposing grave problems for you. The trickiest thing with this is that you can’t know if you’ve installed it the right way until you’re out there, shooting. The selection of rings, bases, and the mounting of the scope, all are important.

Image showing need for scope mount

Along with rings, Scope mount have bases and the two work in amalgamation. In 7 simple steps, you too can master the art of mounting.

Step 1

The first step is to choose the right scope. Get the diameter and the height right. Choose rings that are compatible with the bases.

Step 2

There are two things to keep in mind: that the barrel and the objective don’t touch, and that the device is placed low. The eyepiece must not be obstructed, this is necessary for the bolt to function properly. To attach the rings and bases, use screws and wrenches. Make sure you’re cleaning and drying before proceeding. Apply some oil to prevent rust. Make sure you’re not enacting a backward attachment.

Step 3

Lock them correctly. To obtain optimum security, use a freezing compound. Do not use optics for leverage or for pivoting. Instead, use something that is similar in diameter.

Step 4

Once the rings are secure in the lower halves, secure their upper halves in order to make sure the device can move and rotate in whichever direction you require.

Image showing scope mount

Step 5

Make sure that the recoil would not injure your eye, and so you need to select the right kind of eye relief. Position the rifle just right, and protect your eye.

Step 6

Having chosen the position, tighten the screw. Make sure the rings are placed evenly, and tighten screws again.

Step 7

Take a test shot at some 100 yards to check the bore sighting. 100 yards is not enough—you need to test it on the ground in order to adjust the vertical and horizontal axes right.

Looking for Quality Mounting System?

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