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Common Misconceptions Surrounding AR-15 Parts

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When it comes to 80 lower AR-15 parts, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions associated with them. If you’ve ever put together a custom AR-15, or have done any research on the rifle, you’re probably aware of some of these misconceptions. While this blog post won’t provide the answer to all your questions regarding AR-15 myths, it will address some of the most common misconceptions that crop up in the world of 80 lower.

80 Lower AR-15s are Illegal

Perhaps the biggest misconception that surrounds 80 lower AR-15’s is that they’re either a loophole in the law or outright illegal. Let’s bust this myth once and for all. According to laws clearly stated in the Gun Control Act of 1968 as well as the ATF, that if the fire control group on a rifle is incomplete, it cannot be considered as functional.

Nevertheless, selling an 80 lower built AR-15 rifle is illegal, as well is building one with an intention to sell. In order to sell one legally, you’re required to register it first. What’s a certainty is that owning or building an 80 lower AR-15 is completely legal.

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Most people shy away from building custom rifles because they’re perceived to be notoriously difficult to build. Well, we can assure you that this notoriety is completely undeserved. You can easily find hundreds of guides to DIY AR-15 builds as well online communities that can answer all your questions and help troubleshoot problems. AR-15 accessories are particularly easy to install, especially those from Mentium USA reviews. We provide high quality AR-15 accessories that users of all skill levels can easily work with.


Some people argue that off-the-shelf AR-15s bought from gun stores are more durable and reliable than 80-lower built AR-15 rifles. Let us clarify that this is a myth. When you build your very own custom AR-15, the reliability and durability of the final product completely depends upon the quality of parts and accessories you use and how well you integrate them with each other. Therefore, it’s essential that you perform thorough research on materials and find a vendor with whom quality is a guarantee.

 Mentium USA is the ultimate one-stop for premium-quality AR-15 rifle accessories. From scope holographic sight combos to handguards – they offer everything at great prices! Check out their catalogue of rifle accessories here or get in touch with them for further information.

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