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The Primary Benefits of Iron Sights

Iron sights have an iron history, especially when it comes to the United States of America. Sources claim that the American Revolution wasn’t just fought but also “won” with guns, and the handheld weapons have since become a part of the “US culture.”

Although invented originally in China, it was in 1775 that the Continental Congress sent out the call for “expert riflemen.” Among the many kinds of guns that gained fast popularity, many kinds of rifles took top positions, next only to the musket and the blunderbuss.

Image showing need for iron sights

Naturally, the iron sight was a must-have for all riflemen, as it accorded accuracy and effectiveness to these sharpshooters. Iron sights thus have as much of a connection with the American people as rifles themselves. So the next time that you hear your grandfather gush on and on about the rifle and the iron sight, know that he knows what he’s talking about.


When you talk scopes, they are bought separately from the gun and need to be latched on to the weapon. They add their additional weight on to the gun, which can’t be said for the iron sight. Any gunslinger knows that additional load means additional difficulty in loading, and iron sights can do without them.

Improved View

Where scopes can make the task of zooming in on targets easier for you, iron sights have something different to offer entirely: a complete view of what you’re aiming at. You can thus calculate if your shot will be a threat to the environment and make timely adjustments. This is also a great advantage in the hunting season, since you can spot different targets at the same time and analyze all your options before taking the final decision.   


Mentium USA offers iron sights that will last you a long time. There’s a variety for you to choose from, and with the added advantage of a flip-up, you can fold them down for convenience.

No Batteries

The best thing about iron sights is that they absolutely do not require batteries, meaning you’ll never be stuck next to Tarzan’s abode, scrambling for surrogate batteries while you lose precious time.

Image showing need for Reflex sight


Iron sights are lighter than optics, and thus add to the overall light-weightiness of the rifle, making it easier for the rifleman to use them.


Let’s get this one out of the way: iron sights are for one and for all. They’re cheaper, which is always a great advantage.

Water and Weather

In the event that there’s bad weather or lots of rain, or both, an iron sight will neither fog up not be bothered in any other way. You can go about your business as usual.

Easy to Use

Iron sights are easy to use, maintain, and clean. If you’re low maintenance, a busy person, or simply lazy—you know what you need to get!

Find Quality Iron Sights Today

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