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The Difference Between Muzzle Brakes and Compensators

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With the number of muzzle devices out there, there is bound to be immense confusion between the different varieties available for purchase. Even if you consider yourself a gun enthusiast, every now and then, you might slip up about which is which. Sometimes mentium usa reviews even the most experienced firearms specialist among us can be baffled between the difference between muzzle brakes and compensator or flash suppressors.

Before we delve into the major differences between these respective categories in terms of how they are designed and how they perform, we should first understand what they are.

What is a Muzzle Brake?

A muzzle brake is imperative to the rifle because they help significantly reduce the recoil felt. They do this by steering the gases to the sides by allowing it to bounce off the solid metal. This actually makes the rifle even louder and forceful to anyone who may be standing nearby.

Both muzzle brakes and compensators have areas as big as the size of the bullet for an exit. A muzzle brake also has multiple slots or holes which is what allows the gases to move. You need an optimal functioning muzzle brake attached to the barrel of your rifle or else you will struggle to minimize the recoil. It depends on which gun you have to determine if you need a muzzle brake or not. Experts recommend a muzzle brake for the AR-15.

What is a Compensator?

A compensator does exactly as its name suggests. This muzzle device allows for a counterbalance. When you fire a shot with your gun, it can cause the front part of the gun to rise, which is known as a muzzle flip or a rise. This can cause the target to be miscalculated. You may need to take more than one shot to accommodate the rise. Each gun’s muzzle rise is different, and depending on which gun you have, you can decide if you need the compensator or not.

The role of the compensator is simply to let you aim at your target more quickly. The main purpose is to make sure you can reacquire your target quicker or stay on it for the required amount of time.

What’s the main difference?

The only major difference is that a brake is meant to minimize the recoil and the compensator helps you keep the muzzle on your target.

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