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How to Make an M4 Rifle Deadly

Keymod handguard Muzzle brake

Previously the M4 and M16 rifles had a bad reputation amongst gun enthusiasts. This was primarily due to the reliability issues the US soldiers had with it during the days of Vietnam. The issues arose due to low quality gunpowder, bad magazines and the notion that these rifles didn’t require cleaning.

In the last couple of decades, the firearms industry alongside the special operations units have developed a range of innovative parts for AR-15 style weapons which can make the M4 rifles look outdated; however, with the right accessories and adjustments, your M4 rifle can be made deadly again.

Here’s how you can upgrade your M4 rifle:

Image showing need for Handguard

1. Adjustable gas blocks

The gas block is an integral component of the M4’s impingement system. It transfers gas into the tube and into the bolt carrier group.

The gas blocks on both the M4 and M16 are fixed. This wasn’t such a problem when these weapons were first introduced but today, it isn’t convenient.

With a gas block that’s adjustable, the shooter can easily control the amount of gas that is being transmitted through the tube. This allows for easy usage of the suppressor since the shooter now has greater control of the gas systems. Secondly, it lets specific types of ammo to go through the weapon more smoothly, allowing for better precision.  

2. Muzzle Brake Devices

Muzzle devices such as the quick-detach suppressors such as the Knight’s Armament model has gained popularity amongst M4 rifle owners over the last 15 years or so. The device uses a mechanism that lets the suppressor slip over and latch on to the flash hider, muzzle brake or compensator.

Contrary to what mainstream media will have you believe, suppressors don’t have the silencing capabilities of an actual silencer, however, they do limit the measure of stealth. Suppressors enhance the safety of the weapon. You won’t have to worry about wearing protective gear on your ears.

3. Install Free-Floating Tube Rail Systems

Firstly, it’s important to understand the difference between free-floating handguards and free-floating rail systems—they aren’t the same! Handguards don’t connect to the barrel, the quad rail does. It connects to the front of the barrel meaning that any sort of pressure that is exerted on the rail during the shot, will impact the accuracy of the rifle.

Free floating rails only attach to the receiver so the barrel floats through the rail system and isn’t impacted by the pressure exerted by the shooter. Because free-floating tube rails provide greater accuracy, the military’s inventory is packed with them!

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