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Iron Sights, Scopes and Red Dots: Which Should I go for?

Rifle optics have evolved immensely over the decades. Rifle owners and firearm enthusiasts today have their work cut out for them when it comes to choosing the right rifle optics.

Picture showing Iron sight

Forget about sorting through the hundreds of different available models and specific types. Even choosing between the broad categories of iron sight, red dot scopes and open sights and magnification scopes, can be quite tricky for newcomers.

If you’re someone wondering what to go for between the three broad categories, this blog should be quite helpful!

Iron Sights

Especially if you’re a beginner or a first time weapon owner, training with iron sights is highly recommended.

The fact that aiming with iron sights in a sense requires more skill and stability is exactly what makes it the perfect sighting or aiming option to begin with. This akin to starting on a billiards table and then making the switch to pool!

If you’re new to the rifle and shooting game or are looking to really streamline your short and long distance aiming skills, start with iron sights! They’re your best bet.

Magnification Scopes

Picture showing Magnification Scopes

Magnification scopes are available in varying strengths. Available magnification scope specifics include first focal plane scopes as well as high, middle and low magnification scopes. You also have available tactical scopes offering variable strength and additional features such as laser or red dot aiming.

The thing with scopes is that they allow for adjustment to aim at targets both nearer and extremely far. In a sense they help with accuracy and are also useful by way of hit percentage.

If you’re planning on range shooting or hitting long range targets for the most part, scopes are your best options.

Red Dot Sights

Picture showing red dot sight

Red dot sight is available in both tubed and open sight versions. The red dot referred to is the laser point used to aim at targets.

Red dot sights are arguably the easiest to use and are fairly versatile up to middle range target shooting. They are simpler to handle under high pressure situations and are good for hitting moving targets which need to be tracked such as during a hunt.

Of course in many cases, like long range shooting, they fall behind scopes. If you’re looking to hit short and middle range targets as well as use your firearm on targets on the move, red dots are a good bet!

Winding Down

In conclusion we feel you should purchase those iron sights for starters. Apart from that look into available red dot sight options as well as available magnification scopes and figure out what suits you best using the information above. Remember, if one optics option doesn’t work, you can always try another!

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