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Important Rules of Firearm Safety

One of the things that concerns most responsible American gun owners is firearm safety. If you can’t handle a gun in a manner that is safe for you and everyone around you, you shouldn’t have one to begin with!

We’re going to elaborate on some of the most important rules of firearm safety. This is to teach beginner and intermediate gun users a thing or two about gun safety and to give more experienced users a small refresher on the subject!  

Point in a Safe Direction

The first rule of gun safety is that you never point your gun at someone or something. It is important to make sure that you always keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction. It does not matter if your gun is unloaded. It does not even matter if you’re handling an old rifle which is no longer operational. Accidents can happen.

When you’re not aiming or shooting, make sure that muzzle is pointed towards the ground and away from anyone or anywhere that damage could be taken.

Keep that Chamber Empty

 Image showing 308 muzzle brake

If you’re not using your gun and are not in a situation where you might need to point and shoot at a moment’s notice, don’t keep your weapon loaded. Remove the magazine from your gun and if you’ve got a round in the chamber, eject it.

The safety on your weapon can sometimes fail so if you’re planning on storing your firearm, make sure the chamber is empty and the magazine is off.

Use the Right Ammo

Be very careful when you buy ammunition for your weapon. As you may know, different guns are designed for compatibility with different caliber rounds. Your firearm user manual will clearly state the caliber or caliber range that you can use with your weapon. Stick with what is instructed.

Using the wrong ammunition can cause a lot more than a pistol or rifle jam. They can actually do a lot of harm to you and those around you. Remember, bullets have gunpowder in the back which is both explosive and flammable. If the bore of your firearm isn’t designed to take a certain level of force, your weapon may literally blow up in your face!

Beyond the Target

Most hunting accidents happen when those firing fail to make sure the area beyond as well as around the target they have in mind is clear. As a responsible gun user, don’t just point and shoot. If you’re not shooting in a military situation (and sometimes even if you are), make sure the parameter is clear before shooting.

Also remember that rifles and high caliber bullets have high penetration and can sometimes go clean through targets hitting what it behind them. This is another reason why looking beyond your target is recommended before you shoot!    

Careful with Jams

If your gun happens to jam or stick hence failing to fire even after the trigger is pulled, the one thing you should not to is turn it around and peer through the muzzle! Ideally, aim the thing down and be really careful. A loaded gun with the trigger pulled might fire after a delay so it is important to be careful. Try to eject the bullet if possible and don’t use the gun in question until you have had it checked!

Keep up with Service

Last but not least, to make sure that firearm is operating as it should, make sure you get yours regularly serviced!

In Conclusion

Image showing need for Red dot sight

There are numerous other gun safety rules that firearm owners might find useful however the ones above are among the most important.

If you’re clear on safety and are now ready to equip your rifle or firearm with optics such as scopes or red dot sights as well as other rifle accessories, check out what we’ve got available online!

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