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Comparing Red Dots with Rifle Iron Sights

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For beginners in the shooting arena, building a rifle is as exciting as it is demanding. You see all sorts of things happening around you: people utilizing red dot sights and iron sights and whatnots.

While much of what goes on your rifle is subjective, there are things you need to be considering when choosing either (iron sight or red dot sight, that is). The older gentry stands by iron sights, while the younger ones are likely to lean toward the red dot.

For the older generation the choice is pretty self-explanatory: iron sights were what were available and most of them used them in the many wars the country was engaged in back in the day.

But you’re not faced with a civil war, so how should you make the choice? Let us guide you.

A Case for Iron Sights

Image showing need for red dot sights

What’s obvious in this case is that iron sights run without batteries. They can be adjusted with a special adjustment tool, and all you have to do is elevate it at the range. You’re all set to pick your weapon up, meddle with the chamber rounds, and all’s set. You can have these sights in either fixed or moveable positions. There’s also the option of using flip-ups, which can easily fold and remain downwards in place, making for convenient storage.

You can thus use your rifle for an easy long range gig (such as an optic), with the iron sight being so conveniently out of the way. They’re simple, easy, and practical—no wonder the older gents swear by them!

Case for Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights are truly a sight, given their many benefits. They’re expected to replace the older and more widely accepted iron sights. There’s a reason so many are rapidly shifting sides and standing by these optics instead: they enable you to acquire your target with much more speed, especially in situations that are close-combat.

Regardless of the MOA, the front sight image is never blurred by rings. Once you’ve sighted to perfection, flipping from one target to the other would be no problem.

Picture showing need for iron sight

The one shortcoming with the red dot sight is its dependence on batteries. Imagine being out there in the wilderness when your batteries die on you. You’ll lose all your accuracy unless you can find a battery shop somewhere in the middle of the woods. Carrying replacements is prudent, but you’ll lose precious time in the mish-mash. For many shooters, the main problem is losing reticles, so be very wary about them!

Use Both

This is, of course, the best course of action for you: use the more complex red dot sights but have iron sights in place as a backup. Failing optics does not mean you lose the battle in the event that you have both kinds in store. Use flip-ups to push the iron sights down if they bother you that much, but we really recommend using both.

Find Quality Sights

Mentium USA is a Texas-based sport productions and rifle accessories provider with a large store of good quality red dot sights, iron sights, and more. Browse through our collection today.

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